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Because some things surpass time
United States
Do you remember the good old days? Those cartoons you could watch endlessly without tiring of the jokes? Here's a place you can relive all these old cartoons by looking at and submitting art from them!

NOTE: We are looking for someone who can animate pictures to make us an icon featuring the main characters to represent the club. Until then we’re alternating random icons.

-Read the cartoon list at the bottom of this journal
-Although submitted artworks can be rated mature no direct nudity.
-Any works submitted from a cartoon not listed below will be rejected, no matter how good they are.
-We accept art of almost any caliber barring art that looks like it was drawn by a child.
-Cosplay pictures are acceptable if they LOOK like the character, not some outfit you made for the character.
-Limit 3 submissions a day

How to submit-
-Send a note with a link to your picture
-Please give your pictures a creative name, not something generic like “Dexter” or “Kanker Sisters”

How to Join-
Send a note or leave a comment on the front page [I know even if I say just note I’ll get a ton on the front page so I’ll beat you to the punch.] then just add us to your deviantwatch and you're in~

How to Affliate-
Send a note saying you wish for our clubs to become affiliates.

Queen- :iconcatlikeacat:

Prime Minister- :icondarth-atrocitus:


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Cartoon Network-
:iconbubbles-club: :iconacexcuppo: :iconteentitans: :iconendsville:

Warner Brothers-
:iconbugsbunnyclub: :iconfreakazoid-club:

:icongothamgirls: :iconharleyquinnfc: :iconxmistahjx: :iconcatwoman-fanclub: :icongothamartistsguild: :iconriddlemethisfc:


Other/General cartoons-
:iconclubdirectory: :iconcartoon-obsessions:

And now our Cartoon List!

Our Beloved Cartoons-

Cartoon Network-
-Courage the Cowardly Dog
-Dexter's Laboratory
-Ed, Edd and Eddy
-Evil Con Carne
-Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
-Johnny Bravo [DO THE MONKEY WITH ME!]
-Mike, Lu and Og [On the island where nobody goes!]
-Powerpuff Girls
-Teen Titans

-101 Dalmations
-Alice in Wonderland
-Beauty and the Beast
-Darkwing Duck
-Kim Possible
-Lady and the Tramp
-Lilo and Stitch [NOT the animated series, original movie only]
-Oliver and Company
-Peter Pan
-The Aristocats
-The Hunchback of Notre Dame
-The Fox and the Hound
-The Jungle Book
-The Lion King
-The Little Mermaid
-The Sword in the Stone
-The Rescuers
-Sleeping Beauty
-Snow White
-Robin Hood
-Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

-Angry Beavers
-Doug [Doo doo doo doo doo doo doooo doooo dooooo]
-Fairly Odd Parents
-Hey Arnold
-My Life as a Teenage Robot
-Ren and Stimpy
-Rocko's Modern Life
-Rugrats [Classic only, none of that 'All Grown Up' crap]
-Wild Thornberries

Warner Bros.-
-Looney Tunes [only classic and the below stated Tiny Toons]
-Ninja Turtles
-Tiny Toons
-Xiaolin Showdown

-Josie and the Pussycats
-Scooby Doo [Classic only]
-Tom and Jerry [Once again, classic only]

-Batman: TAS [None of that ‘The Batman’ stuff]
-Captain Planet [He’s our hero! Gonna take pollution down to zero!]
-Iron Man
-Justice League
-The Hulk
-Rainbow Bright
-Sailor Moon [This is the ONLY anime that will be accepted as per it’s truly timeless]
-Transformers [Origial]

Feel free to suggest cartoons to add to this list however there are a few cartoons left out for a reason.

-Simpsons/Family Guy/American Dad- Overtly mass produced and has way too many modern culture references to be “timeless”

-SpongeBob SquarePants- Not particularly well done as a cartoon in general and dragged long after it stopped being funny

-Chowder and Flapjack- Both had potential to be good but both missed the mark, Chowder by its horribly lazy coloring and Flapjack by the fact it would have been so much edgier story-wise with that art style.

-Invade Zim- It was an amazing show but the really stupid fans have wrecked it beyond repair. PLUS the people running around with Zim paraphernalia not knowing ANYTHING about the show.

-Total Drama Island/Total Drama Action/6teen- Although I find them interesting they’re in the most vividly way not timeless, both new and highly connected to today’s culture.

-Camp Lazlo/My Gym Partner’s a Monkey/Squirrel Boy/Johnny Test- Just purely obnoxious.

-Ben 10/Secret Saturdays/Chop Socky Chooks/Totally Spies/Danny Phantom/El Tigre- None really fit the “timeless” title as per all are fleeting action shows that are a dime a dozen.

-Jimmy Neutron/Star Wars: Clone Wars/Tak and the Power of Juju/Code Lyoko/Back at the Barnyard- Non-2D cartoons are a fad and going to go out of style soon.

-Anything Directly From Adult Swim- none of those weird cartoons like “Superjail”, “Lucy, Daughter of the Devil”, “Drinky Crow” Ect. Ect. Ect. Those are just in general disturbing.

Now enjoy!
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Thanks for the fav!!!
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